Revolutionaries | {my life}

Wednesday Chase had a field trip near Somerset with his class to learn about how the revolutionaries lived during the American Revolutionary. They dressed up and learned how to make fires with a flint, weave, sew, make candles, were examined by a red coat (Lobsterback) and paper quilling.

Even the moms dressed up. I helped with teaching the weaving. It was tough, but the kids got it once we knew what we were doing! LOL

Looking in the mirror.

Many blouses.

Off to work.

Warming the wax.

The stocks.


Rope pull game.

Good Lady Hess.

A loom.

I think there were some men hidden in this box.

The Lobsertback.

Finding the traitors’ flag.

Firing the rifle.

Loom weaving.

Paper quilling.

Starting a fire with a net and flint.

Blowing on the spark.


Watch those eyebrows!

Beautiful Iris’.

It was a long day. But so much fun.