Hallie + Ryan | {weddings}

It was a beautiful morning in Sonora. Hallie and Ryan were going to be getting married. For me, this wedding means a lot.

Ryan has been Uncle Gordy to my kids for years. I first met him at Delta College and as the story goes, I hated him.

Ryan came to work at the Lodi News-Sentinel, were my husband and I worked. A group of us became dear friends. And I don’t hate him so much.

Then entered Hallie. We LOVE Hallie. She is so sweet and smart and together they are Aunt Hallie and Uncle Gordy. Ryan was also the last of a trio, known more commonly, or maybe not so much, as the Hutchins Street Hooligans. Because they all lived on Hutchins Street about the same time.

A kitty at the Barretta Gardens B&B where Hallie got ready.

Hallie looking gorgeous.

Everyone loved Ryan’s tie. My good friend and wedding helper Lauren shot the guys getting ready.

Ryan making the piñata whacking stick.

We all met up at their house. I love how the lace is shadowed on her dress.

Love this shot of her.



Jumping for joy.

The Hutchins Street Hooligans – Sasso, Gordy and Voodoo. Don’t they look terrifying!?

St. Patrick’s.

Delicious red velvet cupcakes!

Oh Daddy!


Piñata, piñata!

Really! What wedding is complete without at piñata? This is my second wedding with one. Love them!

Madison taking a whack.

Chase finishes it off.

The loot!

Thank you Hallie and Ryan for letting us be a part of your day! Hallie welcome to the family!