Golden time in Florida | {my life}

As those of you who read this blog, Taekwondo is a major part of all of our lives. A lot of hours, sweat, time and dinero go into this sport. We do it because the kids love it. It is good for them. We love the relationships forged by it.

The past week, Chase competed in the AAU Nationals Championships in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Chase competed in the 10-11 middle Black Belt division.

Getting advice from Coach Corrigan before the match. After the fights, he told me that he was prepping Chase, telling him how to fight the opponent and started looking around for him. The young man was seating about two feet from them. Corrigan asked why Chase hadn’t told him that he was sitting right here. “He said he didn’t want to interrupt me.” I laughed. I told him Chase would be one of the most polite boys he’d ever coach! lol

Fight one.

Judges conference on a head kick that Chase eventually got awarded. Chase won that match.

Fight two.

He fought immediately after. There were four in his division.

A happy little fighter. He has had a great season. His first season doing Junior Olympics with his Taekwondo school. And seriously in the past two weeks, we have seen a different kid training and fighting. And after Thursday, he is so happy. He needed this. He worked so hard for this.

Team spirit! 😀

Awarding first.

Medal stand.

Thank you to Coach Fred Estrada for the training to get him to Nationals. Thank you to Coach Corrigan for being in his corner at Nationals. Thank you to his teammates for cheering him on and giving much needed advice. Thank you to their moms for helping me through the years with do’s and dont’s and all the laughs and stress in between. You are all family and we are so happy to be part of it!