Greetings from Florida | {my life}

We arrived home late last night from a nice vacation and national tournament in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We met with my brother-in-laws family and my mother and father-in-law.

Here are some of our adventures before the big competition.

My hubby taking his nephew on a bike ride to the beach.

Walking with my niece.

The beach.

Jumping waves.

A sand flea Chase found.

Mourning dove.

After seeing the nesting areas, I did some research and found out about the sea turtles. So the next night, Scott, his brother, Bird, his wife, Connie, and I went to the beach to see if we couldn’t see a turtle.

We were so lucky to see a Laugerhead mama come up to nest. She eventually, changed her mind, and turned back to the sea.

We met a lovely woman named Vivian. She educated us on the turtles. She told us about the rare Leatherback turtle that can reach the size of a VW bug! Then she told us if we were patient, we could see a nest be born. OF COURSE WE’D STAY!

As the great Huell Howser would say, “That’s amazing!”

Within seconds the small black dot we saw in the sand erupted with quick moving sand-dollar-sized baby sea turtles.

Unfortunately 90% of this nest became disoriented. They were confused by lights on the beach instead of heading to the sea. We helped wrangle over 90 little boys and girls. Then the ladies monitoring this nest set to getting them into the waters. Vivian said that one out of 1,000 babies will make it to adulthood. They have a hard life, making it to the sea and them surviving against predators.

I talked to Vivian the next day via email, even with all our eyes, two little guys had made it up to the weeds, but they found them and got them to the water’s edge. It was an amazing night. We went out another night, but didn’t see anything. We were quite lucky the first night.

The next day we headed out to the Everglades. We went to the Sawgrass Recreation Park. We got to take a 30-minute tour on a fan boat. That was fun!

Our captain, Capt. Keith giving us instructions.


Noisy fan boat.



Gator boy!

Gator Papa!

Then, there was the SWAP SHOP. A huge flea market.

Then back to the beach!

Miss Maddie, although sad that her cousins left to go back home, wasted no time moving into their room and making the space hers!