the COLOR RUN | {my life}

Happy Monday!

It was a great weekend. The family and I joined our friends and had a color-riffic time at the Sacramento Color Run. After I was surprised with a little birthday party held in my honor. (It’s hard being 28 for the 7th year in a row!)

Here are some pics from Saturday’s fun run/walk.

A marriage proposal flew over the starting line of the race.

Maddie ready for out start.

Crossing the overpass, we see what our first color will be… YELLOW!

A little Cheetos orange…

Lots of picture taking was happening. Lyanne ran into so other friends and quickly snapped a photo for them.

Friends Maggie, Lauren and Sara.


Maddie and me!

Chase and me!

The girls again…

My kiddies!

The bestest people in the world – Doug and Lyanne!


My blue angel…

The hands Maddie, Chase and Zac.

Blake and his Daddy.

Sara noticing that she has a little somethin’ somethin’ on her face…

Reaching the end…

Ta da!

Have a great week!