Radford + Farmer | {family}

Saturday morning, we all held our breaths as we woke up. The wind was blowing. The rain was falling. We had already switched location because of the rain. Now we just had to wait.

As I put on my rain boots, zipped up my vest and put my shooting gloves on, a ray of sunlight crept across my floor.

As I drove to Galt, I felt like I was chasing the sunshine. “Please just give me 120 minutes. Then you can pour down on me. At least until tomorrow.”

The sunlight held out and I had our family session with Amy and Heather’s families.

We went to school together and didn’t live far from one and other. It is really amazing to see all of us grow up and have families of our own, to see how beautiful our children are and  to meet the fun husbands.

We met in Old Town Galt.

Amy’s family

Amy, Ryan, Jack and Aleigh.

Sisters and their families.


Heather’s family

Kalyn, Kristian, Megan, Heather and Shawn.

And let’s not forget Charles. More formally his name is Chaucer. But his friends call him Charles. He helped me direct everyone and keep an eye out for super cuteness.

Then we headed to the farm…

John, the patriarch, watches the kids pose.




I am in total love with this hay barn. LOVE LOVE LOVE… Our rainbow on a day that began with rain and wind ended with fun, smiles and this rainbow.

Thank you so much Amy and Heather for dodging the rain with me!