Our rings | {my life}

We have been married almost 13 years ago. We did it quietly on a Thursday morning. Some family members were there.

My dad and uncle snapped pictures. We were just happy to be married and we could move on to other planning, the birth of our son.

But lately, I guess I have been a little jealous. I don’t have wedding images hanging on the walls. I don’t have a professional wedding album. Perhaps that is why I love photographing love and weddings. I see it a little differently.

Both of us haven’t worn our rings in years/months. His is too big now but the jeweler I went to won’t cut it because of the design. Mine needs to be fixed as the setting is loose.

But today, I decided I am not going to keep going without an image to remind me of our wedding day and marriage to each other.

I put our rings in a silver dish I had recently purchased for $2. I love the patina and imperfections of it. It reminds me of us.

We are not perfect.

We are both a little dented, bruised, stretched. Each scar has a story.

We both loose our patience at times. Usually when we need it the most. Now we simply ask the other, “Do you need a Snickers?” We smile and move on.

He has become a great husband. He has always been a great dad.

I am a better wife. He reminds me to relax a little as a mom. And reminds me to interact as much as I like to capture the moments.

Together we became parents.

We bought a house.

We became owners of three dogs.

We just bought our first car as a couple three months ago. (Yes! He still has the car I met him with. That’s how we roll!)

But now I can print this and place it in our room, our shared space to remind us that we both said yes. And still mean it.