Lindsay + Nolan | {engaged}

I am so excited for these two lovebirds! For the past few months, Lindsay and I have been trading emails back and forth.

Currently she is in Seattle as is her fiancee, Nolan. There, they are finishing their schooling.

Saturday, we met in Cupertino’s Picchetti Winery and Open Space. I had never been there. It was a beautiful place. It has a little of everything. Barns, a cool tasting room, picnic tables. Kids were running around, families having picnics, adults enjoying a glass of wine.

It was a wonderful day for engagement photos with two people who are as sweet as they are beautiful!

Lindsay + Nolan


The light around these two was just magic!


A little vino… a little love.


We learned that this is mountain lion habitat. And while we were lucky and didn’t cross any, “if attacked, fight back” was the lesson of the day.

Have I mentioned how cute these two are? Well they are.


Lindsay and Nolan,  I can’t wait for your wedding!

Be lovely,