Monday Morning Musings

It has been awhile since I have done a Monday Morning Musings. And actually as I write this it is 10:37 p.m. on Monday. Oh well! lol I have been sort of at odds of what to write when I don’t think or fell like I have anything to say. But I was reminded Friday that people are drawn to my story telling skills through photographs. So after some thinking, I thought I’d bring back Monday Morning Musings, but add an element to it.

My dear friend, Lauren, better known online as The Urban Hippie, once a week does a Five Senses Monday, sometimes Tuesday or Wednesday if it has been an especially busy week. She does it ritually, and learned from abby try again. The past week has been a flurry of activity for me but oh so exciting.

So here I begin my first Five Senses. I am drawing from this past weeks science camp, baseball, biscotti, my anniversary, a new baby… So here were go!


Five Senses

Amazing scrambled eggs with salsa at science camp. Yummy trio de mare for my dinner at our anniversary dinner.

Ocean breezes at the Marin Headlands Institute. Biscotti baking in an oven.

Waves crashing against the shore and rocks. Sea birds, elephant seal pups and sixth graders chattering. The wind whipping through my wind chime.

Sea stars. The night air on my face as we listened to poems at the listening place. Grateful to be married to a man as great as mine. Loved as Maddie ran up to me after not seeing me as I was away with my son.

Little ladybugs in the sand and plants. A bobcat! Crowds cheering their favorite player. Ten perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes. My beautiful family sharing a dinner together as we celebrate 13 years of marriage.

Here is a look at the senses and blog posts in the works!


Have a great week!