Slimm Buick

Recently I was asked to step in last minute for a fellow photographer that was sick. The assignment was going to take me to Oakland for the San Francisco Chronicle.  Scott and I quickly made arrangements for the kids and I accepted the gig.

Although, I love shooting for myself now, I do occasionally miss the interesting people you meet everyday as a photojournalist. I do miss community journalism. So it was excited as I headed to Oakland.

Slimm Buick is a bicycle folk artist, dj and slick dresser. He recently held a Bike Art Salon at his home. It was great to see him wheel his creations from the garage and take them up to the porch. His lovely wife, Justine tenZeldam, was a darling. In fact, we both know my former editor. Small world.

Slimm customizes bikes with bottle caps, brass, painted art pieces and more.

Here are some of the images from the photo shoot.

An old taillight dons a bike of Slimm Buick.

Last month, the San Francisco Chronicle (East Bay edition) printed the feature.


Just the other day, Scott and I celebrated our 13th anniversary.  I have been spring cleaning, I came across the emails we sent back and forth while we were dating and getting married. It made me smile.

On March 10th, 2000, he wrote: “Your drive and ambition is very admirable. It’s only a matter of time before your name will grace the paper of the New York Times … the San Francisco … the Boston Globe …etc.”

It only took 13 years! lol It was right before we found out we were pregnant. Life changes. Priorities for me changed. I do have to say, my man is always right though. But let’s keep that between you and me. 🙂