A few weeks ago, I got a call from Jacqueline, whom I have worked with before on other projects, asking if I could shoot some biscotti. Um… yeah!

Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of watching Linda Ratto, owner of Bimba’s Famiglia Biscotti, create homemade biscotti.

Hidden in an almond orchard, Linda creates several varieties of the Italian treat. She has created orders for friends and clients including gifts for celebrities that visit the area and have included gifts for the late great Bob Hope.

I think that is pretty awesome!

Linda’s daughter, Joanna, makes these incredible candied walnuts. As I write this, I am literally having to beat my children off the bag. I think I got maybe four. They are animals!! But they were super good!

Linda makes creating biscotti look so easy. For her, it is a simple fluid motion. She effortlessly pours and adds ingredients to the mixing bowl. She talks about the history of the recipe, how she isn’t used to making such a small batch.

The oven hums as the biscotti bakes. The smell makes me happy.

Here is a look at some of the photos I had the pleasure of capturing.


You can find the biscotti for sale at Podesto’s Market & Deli and Gian’s Deli, both in Stockton, CA.

I’d like to thank Jacqueline for reminding me of something. She told me that her love of my photography is because I tell a story with my images. My background of photography is photojournalism. The joke at the paper was I always had too many photographs. It is just the way I shoot. But I do love telling the story – showing a process. Whether it is a wedding day. An afternoon with my kids. Photographing a family. Or shooting biscotti. I love to tell a story. I hope I can tell yours.