Monday Morning Musings

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a productive and fun one.

Sometime last week, we noticed a patch of grass growing wild! So we played with it. Lions, Stitch’s and dinosaurs! Oh My!


I am cleaning out a room that will serve as a small studio. Exciting! More on that as it progresses!

There was a softball game at UOP. Very fun!

The realization that my son is now a young man. I am hating that.

On to the Five Senses!


These were all taken with the trusting iPhone.


Five Senses

Homemade crunchy tacos. It has been a very long time.

Grass being cut. Joe’s dog breathe. Tacos being made.

Kicks hitting chests guards af Junior Olympics Training. Bats cracking again a ball. Cheers from the crowd. Lots and LOTS of magazines hitting the recycling bin.

Anticipation for clients that will grace the studio. Overwhelming relief to be purging things no longer needed. Sadness but pride as my son hits milestones in his life.

My garden begin growing. Little friends and teammates watching college athletes play a great game. Pancakes on a skillet. Joe’s puppy face on my side as we watch the Hunger Games together. Ladybugs in the grass.

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Have a great week!