As I write this, I am nursing a throbbing toe. Dropped the kids Taekwondo kicking bag on it. Not my finest moment. But it made me stop to get out this week’s Monday Morning Musings and the Five Senses.

The kids had a TKD tournament this weekend. Both competing on different days. Chase even had a baseball game and a city track meet he competed in. Unfortunately I had to miss Chase’s with everything going on. We hate having to split the family up, but it is our season in life now. And at least, we are constantly in communication with one and other to know and cheer them both on.

We stayed with my friend and her husband in the city so we would at least get a little sleep. Maddie and I walked the neighborhood and found the Full House house. In the morning, Kome and went for breakfast. I was so mad! I left my phone on the kitchen table before we left. The bakery was amazing and I was without Instagram. Oh the horror! Next time…


Saturday, I helped fellow photographer and friend Angelina of Gervasi Photography with a wedding at the Ryde Hotel in Ryde, CA. I love the area. And I love Angelina!


Lemons after a mini session Sunday.


Five Senses

Amazing pastries from a neighbor bakery with bestie, Kome…

Lemons being picked from my grandparents tree.

Ooooohs and Ahhhhs as kids compete at College of San Mateo at the USAT State Championship.

Throbbing in my toe! lol

Flags at half staff for Boston. Boxer Charlie keeping watch over the neighborhood. Wedding kisses. Delta sunsets. Bright yellow lemons.


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Have a great week!