Locke love

Last Wednesday night I was given the challenge by our visiting friend, Ed. “Take me somewhere tomorrow, your choice.”

Ack! Panic set in. Where should I take him? We can’t make it to the City, I have to be back in time for the kids. Umm, Old Town Sac. Not this time… Where oh Where..

Locke. My favorite place in the world.

Evert time I come here, I find new things, I haven’t seen before. This time the museums were open. I had never been in them. Ed found things I have never seen before and will look for on my next visit.


Loving the signs…


Cats are found all over Locke…and more signs…LOCKE_IMG_0099

I decided I would focus on fixtures as well…


I love this wall…LOCKE_IMG_0166

Love this…locke_IMG_0191

More kitties…LOCKE_IMG_0199

The textures of Locke are so awesome…LOCKE_IMG_0211 LOCKE_IMG_0226

The first Museum was filled with some of my favorite things.LOCKE_IMG_0264

The Dai Loy Museum is the gambling house. You could almost hear the men throwing dice and talking loudly, smoke filling the room.LOCKE_IMG_0298 LOCKE_IMG_0366

Below is a photograph by James Motlow. I can look at it forever. It is one of my favorite in the Chinese School.locke_IMG_0393

Be sure to take a day trip to visit Locke. If you have been before, re-discover it. This Saturday, May 11th, there will be a Asian Pacific Festival. The perfect time to visit.

Thank you Ed for allowing me to share a special place to me. Loved being able to shoot out the town with you and seeing how you saw it!

Have a great rest of the week!