Monday Morning Musings

I hope all the Mommies out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day. We had some plumbing issues, but all in all, is was a wonderful day.

Here is a pic from my past, with my mom. Camping has always been something we did growing up. Love you Mom! xoxo

MMM Mothers day

This week was full of baseball and softball, photography and love.


Five Senses

Fresh strawberries from our plant. Sweet tea (a pleasant way to end the day.)

Hot dogs and popcorn aromas floating over the baseball diamonds.

Cheers for saving games and great hits. Little girls telling me how much they love me. Little giggles from smiling babes.

Happy to be a mom. Proud of my kids.

Crazy weather days. Patterns of succulents. Hearts on the ground. Boys playing football in the yard.

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Have a great week!