Monday Morning Musings

Oh it’s just another Monday…

What a wonderful week I had and what an exciting week to come.

Last week, I worked with area floral designer, Annie Zunino, of AZ Floral Design. I learned so much, but more on that later. šŸ™‚

As I waited for our adventure, she allowed me to venture about the ranch. Boy howdy did I have fun!!! LOL Textures everywhere!

I learned how to score-keep. I adopted a lucha libre.

We had our usual taekwondo and softball.

Madison modeled for me. She astounds me in her natural beauty inside and out.

I met the Tillamook loaf vehicle. Orange love.

Chase mowed the lawn.

I learned how to properly cut a mango.


Five Senses

Sweet mangoes.

Freshly cut lawn. Beautiful flowers.

The bat hitting balls. Dogs barking.

Sun on my face. Flower petals.

Seeing my friend finish her race. Dinner with forever friends. Kids playing.

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Have a great week!