AZ Floral Design

Meet Annie Zunino of AZ Floral Design. I had the opportunity to tag along with her to watch how she creates her beautiful arrangements.

I first met Annie at a wedding last year. Her bouquets just spoke to me. They were gorgeous. I have seen beautiful floral designs before, but there was something special about Annie’s. They are simply elegant and organic.

So last week, we headed to Sacramento as she prepared for a weekend wedding. The flower market was amazing. There were flowers I have never seen before as well as all my favorites.

Thank you Annie for a little education! I loved it!!


A couple days after the floral market, I headed to Van Ruiten Winery to watch as the flowers became art.

Charlie supervised the cutting and arranging… šŸ™‚AZFLORAL_IMG_3681

With fast hands, Annie strips the stems and just instinctively knows where to stick the flowers and greenery. In moments she has a table bouquet ready for the wedding the next day.


I visited before the wedding to see a few of the finished arrangements. The site and the flowers were both breathtaking.

AZFLORAL_3You can contact Annie for your next event at (209) 327-2611 or email her at

Check out the slideshow I put together also:

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