Introducing PASS

Beginning June 1st, I am offering my clients PASS. As a busy mom — a really busy mom — I understand the need to get things done quickly and efficiently. I also know that my roll is to be there for my children. That is why I love PASS. I can photograph my awesome clients, put my NEWVINTAGE touch on them, upload them and cuddle up with my kids, knowing my clients are enjoying their images and sharing their session. Both are extremely important to me.

What does that mean to me – the client?

First of all, quicker access to your images. Instead of weeks, it is days. And let’s face it. We are in a digital age. We share everything. Our awesome kids, cute pooches and crazy loved ones. There is no more waiting for the cd or the flash drive in the mail. It is even better for the environment.

You will be able to download your images instantly. You will be able to share with your family and friends will a few clicks. You can view them on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Driod device. You can share them at the water cooler, on the bus, at the park or weekend bbq with friends. You can post to Facebook or Pinterest.

You can order gift print and have them sent directly to you all from your phone.

I will still offer custom albums, large wall prints and canvases, and custom cards a la carte.

Here is a look at what the gallery looks like…


Pretty slick eh!?!! I think so…

It means a new business model for me, so the packages are going to be modified. But it means greater things for you!

Here is a quick little video on PASS and its features.