Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday!

I didn’t post last week, so I will play catch up today… 🙂

First off, we celebrated Father’s Day yesterday. I hope all the great dads out there had a great day.


This is my dad and myself. It was taken in April 1978.

My dad is pretty cool. He is my hero and isn’t one of those that reminds you all the time that he has done something for you. He has saved people. He has protected people. He isn’t perfect. But who of us are? He has an infectious laugh. I don’t remember many times he has been without his cop mustache. He dreams big but is totally country at heart. We are alike in many ways. I love you Daddy! Thank you for being mine. xoxo


My husband was also celebrated this weekend. He doesn’t like his photo taken. I have to sneak up on him like a tigress hunting a gazelle. So when I can get a photo, I am over the moon.

Scott is amazing. There are not enough words. He is a silent mountain. Rock steady but will defend and protect his family to no end. I love his laugh and his eyes when they light up. His love of football has now passed onto our son. (Heaven help me!!) He drills the kids on mathematical facts, something I am not strong in, but appreciate. Where I am weak, he is strong. We share the same academic and life standards. We keep each other balanced. Together, we are a great parenting team. I am thankful he is ours. I love you babe and am forever thankful that fate stepped in and brought us together. Without each other, we would not have this great family. xoxo Thank you.

The last couple of weeks have been busy with training for Nationals, play dates, shooting for Heather Vintage88, softball and baseball. Here is a look at the two weeks through Instagram.


Five Senses

Delicious trip tip made by my brother-in-law for Father’s Day. I can’t wait till next year when we celebrate three dads!

Dust flying off the baseball diamonds.

Cheers! Peanuts being cracked by baseball mom, Stephanie. Kiyaps. Little girl giggles.

Anxious but proud to let my son go off to a training camp. Thankful for my husband. Air conditioning… lots of air conditioning.

Great Dane burnouts as she plays super dog. Smiles. Family. Watching my kids be awesome.

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Have a great week!