Monday Morning Musings

Happy Monday!

I know I have been a little MIA lately. There have been shoots. We have been traveling. So here is a round up of the last couple of weeks via Instagram. I will be blogging more details during the week.

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

And with no further ado…

The musings…

Training of Nationals in Elk Grove.

Lee Ave.

Images Old Town Sacramento before a shoot.


Then it was time to head to Florida…

There was a two hour plane delay. Meaning a 2 am departure. Boo…

The first Florida toll booth guy talked to us about Journey and was selling tickets if we were interested. By the way… We hate toll booths now because of Florida. More on that later.

Sandhill cranes come right up to my brother and sister-in-law’s house. I love them so!

They also have a lake. Don’t think I was looking for alligators, water moccasins and boas!

We still had to work out and keep the kids on a practice schedule. But there was time for fishing too.

We ventured out the Wekiwa Springs and a local Flea Market.

We bbq’d, swam and were introduced to Bruster’s Ice Cream. It is delicious! But then it was time to say “love you, and see you later.” We had to get to Nationals.


We arrived in Fort Lauderdale. We weighed in. Maddie had to be moved up to the 10-11 category.

They had a light practice.

We went to dinner. Our friend, Jeanine, had some beautiful tacos. I had a hangover burger. It was yummy!

Then it was fight day!


A small thunderstorm woke me up. Maddie was not ready to leave her comfy bed.

I was jealous of a man relaxing before heading to the Bahamas.

Then it was time to head back to Cali!


Margaritas with our dear friends, the P’s.


Yesterday was wedding day! I had the honor of photographing Ellie & Sean yesterday. They had a great group of people with them yesterday and helping make their day wonderful.


Hope your day is going well!

Oh wait! We can’t forget out Five Senses!

Five Senses

Remembering the delicious taste of Birthday Cake Ice Cream in a waffle cone.

The wonderful smells of peonies lofting about yesterdays wedding.

Shout! Thrift Shop! and cheers of happiness.

Pride for my two taekwondo practitioners. They did well! Butterflies in my tummy before a wedding.

Palm trees. Family. A Baptism. And Love.

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Have a great week!