Alpine Dreams

Last week was my birthday. I was greeted with Facebook wishes. A wonderful lunch and pampering with a friend. A beautiful charmed necklace from another dear friend. My sister organized a camping trip to one of my favorite place on the planet.

There, flowers greeted me on the table. I got to wear the official birthday hat. We had the best grub. My Joe got to experience his first camping trip. We were joined by our close friend and his children. Our goal, to send back the family as stinky and dirty as possible! LOL


Rambunctious puppies playing tag. Beautiful sunrises. Blueberry AND chocolate pancakes with BACON! Now that is fancy camping!IMG_6042


Climbing hills and playing before heading to the lake.IMG_6791_bw

Skipping rocks. Tanning toes.

Ducks floating by on not such a placid lake.IMG_6049

I went kayaking for the first time. I loved it. I believe it was all the kids’ first times too. Even Tug commanded a vessel.IMG_6056

Beach time.IMG_6058 IMG_6851_bw IMG_6861

After returning from the lake, I decided I had to make the littles bows as my mom and aunt did for all of us cousins way back when. The guys took it a step further and carved arrows to fit the bows and would fly.IMG_7065


Making meals. And our last morning fire.


Thank you everyone who made my birthday so special and being able to decompress a little.

And yes, we came home as stinky as can be!