Jaime + Tim + family

It is funny how life brings us around.

If you know me, you know I grew up in Galt. It was one of those towns that everyone knew everybody – the good, the bad and the ugly. Small towns are just like that. But you make really good friends. Then you grow up.

Time passes. Life becomes sweet with babies and families. Life is unpredictable. And whatever circumstances have brought us together, I thank them because they make us stronger.

I remember Jaime from middle school. There were sleep overs and all sorts of fun.

Tim and I met in grade school. Our circles were different after that, but I always remember he was such a nice guy.

Now Tim is one of my son’s coaches for football. Jaime is a good thing in both our lives.

Monday I had mini shoots at Lodi Lake. It rained. But we had fun anyways.

Thank you to you both for bringing out the families and playing!

Sienna + Hannah = Cousins

Sienna is super animated and funny.

I adore Hannah’s freckles. She is a sweet young lady who is a matter of fact and silly.

Both girls are as cute as can be.


Jaime and Hannah. Beautiful!


All the girls!

Jaime, Darlene, Hannah and Sienna.

And silly faces…


While we were waiting between rains, the squirrels were gnawing on walnuts. Bunnies enjoyed little nibbles.GRIFFIN_IMG_9436These two are super sweet and just smile… and giggle.  🙂GRIFFIN_IMG_9859

Like I mentioned…. Tim is a coach. He has a beautiful family.

Rachel is a cheerleader and Anthony is a furious football player.AVELLAR_IMG_9720And it is kinda nice to see them in something other than uniforms! lol

Tim your family is beautiful! Be very proud.AVELLAR_IMG_9918Thank you everyone for coming out, despite the rain.

Love you all!