Hawaii i

i ❤ hawaii.

best friends 4-ever


Let’s just say, Hawaii has made its mark in my heart.

My first lei…


After we checked into our hotel, hubs had the itch to get out there and start exploring. We headed to Manoa Falls. But before you head out on the 0.8 mile trail, be sure to take the mosquito spray! Itchy, itchy!

The trail is free but it will cost $5 to park in the private Paradise Park lot.

Manoa Falls is one of the sites filmed in LOST and Jurassic Park. It is a ma’ukele,  or rainforest area, lush, green and amazing. On the day we went it was super muddy and slippery after days of previous rains. Yet there was an older man that seemed like he must be part mountain goat as he just bounded, BOUNDED, up and down the hill. I was so jealous. (I have bad knees.) But it was so very beautiful.

Afterwards, we hit Rainbow’s End for our first shave ice. One could have feed the entire family. It was the size of a mountain.


For dinner, we hit Ono Hawaiian Foods. (Ono: (Hawaiian, slang) good-tasting, delicious.) It was the place to be. There was a line of people waiting to dine in the small restaurant. The walls were lined with images and posters.

Traditional Hawaiian food was the perfect comfort food. We dined on chicken long rice, pipikaula, lomi salmon, haupia, kalua pig, laulau and rice.

Turns out, the restaurant belongs to a friend of ours grandfather. Small world. If you are in Waikiki, this is a must.

HI_IMG_2761This was our first wonderful day on Oahu.