Hawaii iii

Day three.

Sea Life Park.

We arrived at the opening of the park.

Maddie watching sharks and a ray swim…

She made a friend at the dolphin tank. She didn’t want to leave him, but was about to meet some of his friends.


Chase, Madison and Hubs were signed up for the dolphin adventure.

I know I will have to do this next time or do it at another park. They looked so happy and it was so cool to watch.

The kids were to the only ones in their group to “dance” with the dolphins. They received kisses from the beautiful creatures and even got to hitch a ride on the dolphin.


After dolphins, we had a few moments to burn after lunch and before the Chief’s Luau planned for that evening. So we took in a show.

Madison not only got to play with dolphins, but also got to play with a sea lion!

We then walked around the park and still had time to take in a short dolphin show. And we’re introduced to the sweetest penguin!HI_IMG_3338

Then is was luau time!

Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park was amazing. If you have to choose one, this is it. The Chief was entertaining. The music amazing. The dancers and hulas beautiful and the men… well… they were easy on the eyes. 🙂

But even before the actual dinner, they had so many activities for the guests. There was spear throwing, a stick game, tattoos, fire starting, hula lessons, palm headband braiding, and coconut cracking.


DINNER! And an amazing show… HI_IMG_3739

Then came the fire…

Chief Sielu is a World Champion Fire Knife Dancer.

The tribe was amazing! HI_IMG_4469It was a beautiful day with the ones I love dearest.

I would totally do this luau again. We actually watched a show from our hotel balcony on the next island. It didn’t even come close.  Chief’s Luau at Sealife Park gets ***** from the Howell family!