Hawaii… Maui

For our finals days, we lived on Maui.

I knew it would be awesome as we waited for the plane, and I could her a beautiful voice accompany a ukulele. I asked if I could take her photo. She is so beautiful.

HI_IMG_4991We spent the first day at the hotel. Just relaxin’ — swimming at the pool, ping pong with other guests.

The next morning, I have been looking froward to this since reading a Bon Appetit article while flying home from Florida. The author told of his travels for the best banana bread in Maui. The recipe was included and my kids LOVE it. So I had to see where this wonderful bread that makes my kiddies so happy originated from.

Julia’s Best Banana Bread lays amidst the lush, jungle like village of Kahakuloa. The ride took about an hour from Lahaina. We took notice of places we wanted to stop along the way. And it was a bit nerve wracking as the two-lane road turned into a very narrow one lane road for about two miles. We were lucky and didn’t get caught with other cars coming at us.

I know my husband was looking at me out the side of eye, wondering where in the world his crazy wife was taking him. Then I spotted the green tree-house. We arrived right at 9 a.m. I didn’t want to not get any bread from them selling out. I was starting to panic as now 9:07 a.m. Hubs asked if they were closed that day. I told him no as they are open seven days a week. Then a white van pulled up. Hallelujah!

The young lady manning the stand began opening shop. She seemed like a typical teenage girl. Not really wanting to be there. Her answers were short.

We bought our bread and tried the coconut candy nuggets and oh… my… goodness… So we bought a box of that yummy-ness!


After our breakfast or delicious bread and coconut goodness, we hit the road.

We found a blowhole and checked it out.

 Then we found Honoloa. we had read that some of the best snorkeling on the island. We hiked in, past the chickens through thick vegetation and the site of where once stood a church. Unfortunately, the water was a little rough and murky.

So we ended up at our friends beach and snorkeled. Just as we ended our time at the beach, a HUGE pod of spinner dolphins passed by. We were told that it was mating season and they were just going crazy.


Our last day, we spent watching Chase and our friends learn to surf. We used Maui Wave Riders. I would recommend them to anyone. Our instructor, Sonny, was awesome.


The littles were bored. Madison really wanted to do it. Next time, for sure. But they had fun in the sand.HI_IMG_5284

Surfer dudes…HI_IMG_5310

I love this man… so cool. HI_IMG_5418

Fishes by the docks…HI_IMG_5548

I love the pic of Blake in this collage. HI_IMG_5624

The photographer called me Mama-ratzzi. If he only knew! lolHI_IMG_5664 HI_IMG_5727

Back at the surf shack.HI_IMG_5756

Saying goodbye to our Maui home.HI_IMG_5782Hawaii. You have stolen my heart. I will be back. There is no doubt. Next time we will rent a jeep, but the top down and explore you some more. Until then. Mahalo and Aloha.