Callan | Puddle Jumper

I fricken’ love my job.

Can you get up from your desk and go jump in a puddle with the cutest little boy?

Yesterday I was getting a little bummed, as no one was taking me up on the puddle jumping mini sesh. You see, one of my favorite shoots with my own kids was the puddle jumping one. It allows you both to break the rules. It’s fun and liberating.

But then Jessica emailed me and she and her adorable son, Callan, were. Thank you Jessica. You totally made my day!

How can you not smile at this lil guy?!


It took him a minute to realize that mom was actually going to let me play in a water puddle… But once he did…CALLAN_IMG_4985 CALLEN_IMG_5007So next time it rains — check the Facebook page for a puddle jumping session information.

Happy a great weekend everyone!