Preston | Movember

The last of my Movember gentleman… Preston.

Grown up here in Lodi, he now resides in Southern California. We met Tuesday in my favorite place, Locke.

As we walked the textured streets of Locke, we talked and realized that we had met once before. I had been working at the newspaper. We were doing a story on some guys working in film. He was one of the duo I made jump in the air for the photograph. It is one of my favorite images from my tenure at the LNS. Small world.

It was great to see he is still in the entertainment industry. We had a great time talking and Preston killed the session!

So without further ado… Preston.

PRESTON_IMG_7618 PRESTON_IMG_7680 PRESTON_IMG_7833 PRESTON_IMG_7913 PRESTON_IMG_7990 PRESTON_IMG_8023Thank you Preston for allowing me to stretch creatively and participating in my little Movember project!