The kids

I am starting to dread the birthday/holiday season when it comes to photographing my own kids.

When they were younger, it was like wrangling cats. But usually with a bribe of hot chocolate or a cookie… we managed.

Now, I am confronted with that whiny teenage “Whhhhhyyyyy?”

There are eye rolls, deep breaths.

Maddie is still willing to let mom do it but there is a sort of time limit.

Maybe I need to change the treat to Chipotle or hot fudge sundaes. 🙂

I love my babes to the moon and back… but on picture day… well I will bite my tongue.

I know have a handsome teenager and a beautiful nine-year-old.

And although my grand vision for this years Christmas cards didn’t even come to fruition, these will do. It has been a crazy few months. But the fog is lifting…

Here are my babes.


Love this kid!!!C+M_IMG_9819

She is my light!C+M_IMG_9936

Together they make me a mom. A very thankful mom. And with each gray hair they give me, there is a laugh line to match. I wouldn’t trade one…C+M_IMG_9944As we enter this season of love and giving… Squeeze your babes a little tighter. Give a smile to a stranger. Help a friend. And remeber the true reason for the season.