Help-Portrait 2013


Saturday was an amazing day as volunteers from Remedy Church and throughout the community and beyond came together to bring smiles to those in need.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to those volunteers.

A special thanks to Jeanne LaCelle and her family for all the goodies (clothes, toiletries, bears, mittens, and so much more) they brought for the families and individuals that came.

With this being the first event in Lodi, I had know idea what to expect. The weeks, days and night prior to the event, I was praying  — praying hard.

“Please, please, please just make a difference in just one person’s life. Let that be a positive change.”

Trying to explain to others what Help-Portrait is hard. Because there are really no words.

My first event, I helped a friend, Clifford Oto, at the Stockton Shelter. It was an amazing thing. People were smiling, laughing. Ladies that said they didn’t feel pretty, on this day felt beautiful. Men were sending their portraits to their families. It was amazing.

I had wanted to begin a Help-Portrait in Lodi for the past several years. But I was too busy. I was scared. But still it was pressing on my heart.

I began attending Remedy Church in March. One evening I was talking to my pastor, Mark Thompson, and he encouraged me to go forward with it. The church would support the idea. I had said it out loud. Now it was real.

Fast forward to Saturday.

It was awesome! It worked out. Everything went perfectly. The right amount of food and goodies. The perfect number of volunteers. I believe everyone there was touched by the relationships made. And that is really what Help-Portrait is about. Relationships.

Together we photographed ten individuals and nine families.

A few of those families and individuals joined us for Sunday’s service. Amazing.



The portraits.


The Help-Portrait team.HP_IMG_0041Kelsey Siria, Evan Angeli, Brittany Siraia, Rebekah LaCelle, Jenny Chase, Terri Lappe, Becky Harper, Fred White, Bryan Nathan, Tricia Birchard, Sarah Chase, Kristine Stepping, Amanda Milligan, Avery Siria, Rick Manies.

Not pictured: Faith Lane, Frances Siria, April Nathan, Leah and Laura Kasavan, Jeanne and Hannah LaCelle.

Here is a video of the event:

The Lodi News-Sentinel article is here.

Planning for Lodi’s Help-Portrait event is underway. If you are interested in learning more about the event, future events, volunteering, or donating resources, please like Help-Portrait Lodi or email for more information.