Thank you 2013 …

2013 was a wonderful year.

I love my clients and watching their families grow or beginning a new chapter together as a couple.

Love is awesome.

I love the people I have met, learned from, worked alongside and have been touched by.

I respect the people that I have worked with in collaborations like Annie from AZ Floral Designs and Heather from HeatherVintage88 who value what I do and are extremely creative. I learned about biscotti and the beautiful people that make this yummy treat!

I eagerly wait to work with my girls, Angelina of Gervasi Photography and Lindsay or Lindsay Ortez Photography. I have know Angelina forever it seems. It is always nice to catch up and see how she sees. I love laughing with her. This was the first year I met and worked with Lindsay. She is so awesome! We partnered for a workshop and I helped her with some weddings but I am just awestruck by her ability to be passionate and creative and loving and awesome and a true friend. She is rubbing off on me and I love her to pieces.

2014 is going to be a year for me to grow creatively and professional. I tried a business model last year, I don’t think worked as well as I hoped. I have big plans for this year. Taking it back to basics, playing with a new look. Just as a child grows and matures, creativity does as well. I am excited to share this all with you as we move together through 2014. So keep an eye out for new locations, more mini sessions, a new NEWVINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY by Jen. I love you all that have been with me from the beginning. You are all so dear to my heart. I can’t wait to meet all of you on the books who are new and will be captured in my lens. I am excited for all the new lady photographers I will meet soon and hopefully grow with professionally and socially. That is the hope I have for my business. Personally there are growths to be made, but that is for another blog post. πŸ™‚

Here is to 2013…

ADRIAN_IMG_8331 BRICKNER_IMG_0527 C+M_IMG_9680 A_IMG_4173 E+S_IMG_6976 EDUARDO_IMG_4811 IMG_9583 LINA_IMG_0095 VOSBURG_IMG_4653Thank you all!

Here is to 2014 and many more memories to be made.