the Ranch

Yesterday I was hanging out at the Ranch with two beautiful ladies (more on that to come). As we were setting up, I couldn’t help but capture some of my favorite things here.

The owl that greets me in the barn. The delicate petals of the blooming fruit trees. The rough, splintered wood for winter nights. The ring of barbed wire that reminds me of a crown of thorns. The cow skull that hangs angled contrasts the darkness of the barn as the impending monsoon creeps ever closer.

This ranch is my magic place. No matter what chaos is happening in my life, I can think of this place, I can go to this place and be at peace. It was were I spent many summers. I rode the bus after school to hang out with Grandmama and Grandpa before my parents got us after work. Grand Fourth of July fireworks (grand in the eyes of young children) shows as we kids would fight over who got to be the “fireman” armed with the garden hose. It’s where Grandmama created the “Peter Cottontail Trail”. Where she taught us how to have fairy tea parties with the caps off the acorns that fell from the oak trees. And how to make scissors with blades of grass.

My grandparents still live here. Grandpa still picks the oranges and gives us bags of them when we visit. Grandmama sits in her chair laughing at the squirrels running through the orchard.

My heart is happy here.

BE_U_IMG_5186Happy Monday all!

Stay tuned for images for a new project… 🙂