I have been wanting to work more on my portraiture but in such a way that makes women feel beautiful. A way for me to honor what special creatures we are.

So I created…

be-u-tiful look book1

BE-U-tiful sessions is about feeling wonderful in your own skin. We all deserve an incredible photo of ourselves.

Our scars, some seen some not, are our battle wounds. Our age, tells of good times and brokenhearted times. Those little gray hairs, wisdom — all the things we have learned through experience, trails and failures.

Our eyes, are the windows to our souls.

Sometimes our strength is our weakness. And sometimes our weakness is our strength.

We love big.

So whether you are a tank top and shorts kinda of girl or a vintage gown girl; easy going long boarder or fierce competitor on the field; 16 or 76…

BE-U-tiful sessions is for you.




Meet Jeran.

I have known Jeran for YEARS — all the way back to my newspaper days where I actually shot film. She was a sweet girl that processed my film then and is one of the most dedicated moms I know now. She is lovely inside and out. I am glad to call her friend. And so glad she allowed me the honor of capturing her beauty…

JERAN_IMG_5965_BWThank you again Jeran!



MODEL: Jeran Wadlow

FLOWERS: AZ Floral Design



For more information  or to book your own BE-U-tiful sessions, contact Jen at or 209.327-0725.