People come in and out of our lives like waves upon a shore. Every once in awhile, something special washes up that is beautiful. That you cherish. It is a very special gift.

I have been blessed to find a few of these special gifts in my lifetime. Lindsay is once of those special people.

Last year, she reached out to me to second shoot a wedding with her. She is the owner of Lindsay Ortez Photography. I had recently stumbled across her photography and really admired it.

Since then, an amazing relationship has blossomed. Love this lady!

She is a fierce lover of life. She finds beauty in everything. She is an amazing Mama. And she is a wonderful friend!

Sunday, we met at the Ranch so that I could capture this beautiful soul.

This is Lindsay.


As we were getting ready fro her next outfit, it started to sprinkle. And then is got a little louder. And a little louder. And it poured. So we hid out in the barn hoping it would pass quickly.

LINDSAY_IMG_5447The rain passed. And we played.LINDSAY_IMG_5589Thank you Lindsay for your friendship, your encouragement and your laughter.

Thank you for being my cheerleader.




Flowers head piece by AZ Floral Design.


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