Meet Alexis!

She is graduating this year and has big plans. She wants to travel to Argentina and all the places that make up her heritage.

She wants to study veterinary medicine focusing on exotic animals, especially lizards. LEAPIN’ LIZARDS!

This sweet and beautiful young lady wanted a shoot with her puppies as well as celebrating her accomplishments.

We met at Lodi Lake on Sunday.


Her puppies include Zoey, Daisy, Lobo, Emma and Bella.

The puppies headed into the water before we could stop them. lol So when the pups take over, everyone gets in the the water.

Alexis makes a beautiful Lady of the Lake.ALEXIS_IMG_6899

She has her mother’s beautiful eyes.

Alexis has a beautiful smile and an awesome laugh once you get her going!

ALEXIS_IMG_7005 ALEXIS_IMG_7361 ALEXIS_IMG_7541Congratulations Alexis! Your hard work has paid off!

You have a bright future in front of you.