Wild Blooms Flower & Produce

Off the byway on North Ripon Road, sits a small stand with hand-painted signs reading “Flowers” and “Heirloom Tomatoes”. I pass by this stand pretty regularly, as my sister lives just around the block from it. I always wanted to stop by, but hadn’t yet.

So I talked to the owner, Bronwyn Escola, and asked if I could come out and take photos. I had been admiring her Ranunculus posting on her Facebook page, and needed to get a start on my farmers/growers project.

With the rains and all, I have been had a bit of cabin fever. So it was wonderful climbing into the car and heading to Ripon to play amongst the flowers.

It was funny how, Black Tails, the farm kitty cat followed Bronwyn through the fields. Even cuter when he’d bath in the sun and talk.


Bronwyn is originally from New Zealand. I love that she calls shears snips. I love it. So forever more my shears will be snips.

Bronwyn (how awesome is her name!?), is a beautiful soul. I loved talking with her and listening to her share her passion of growing gorgeous flowers and heirloom tomatoes. WILDBLOOM_IMG_9233

She is lovely. Her friend, Diane, helps her tending to the rows of loveliness and creating bouquets for the road-side stand.WILDBLOOM_IMG_9284_BW

Lovely ladybug.

“Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
Your house in on fire and your children are gone.”
WILDBLOOM_IMG_9206Thank you Bronwyn for allowing me the pleasure of capturing your business and playing on such a beautiful morning.



To contact Bronwyn, call 209.402.2051 or email wildbloomsfarm@gmail.com. The stand is located at 22828 North Ripon Road, Ripon, CA 95366.

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