Velazquez Family

Love this family!

We have know each other for about three years, but have become so much closer in the past year.

We met through Taekwondo. But we are like family cut from the same clothe.

The ladies are a riot and such sweethearts! Husband is serious but is still funny. We raise our kids “Old School”. We believe hard work gets rewarded. We laugh at ourselves. We love big.

Saturday we met in Sacramento for a photo session. I wanted to take them to Midtown, but between the traffic and the crowded streets, I was going to kill someone.

So I remembered a place as I was driving in and asked them to meet me there. I love it when a family trusts me. Just because the place is sketch… it doesn’t mean it is going to be fabulous! 🙂

Meet the Velazquez family…

Yvette, Natalie and ‘Lina.


Silviano & Sophia.



Silviano served our country. Thank you Sir, for your time served for all our freedoms.


Beautiful ladies. Beautiful family.V_IMG_0306

Eek! These two… Sophia… you are beautiful!V_IMG_0333_bwv_IMG_0410

Then we headed over to Capitol Park.

Yvette loves to draw and drew me an awesome picture. Natalie is amazing at making colorful creations with her rainbow loom and made me a gorgeous bracelet. ‘Lina has become a beautiful young woman with a big future in front of her. Her laughter makes everyone smile.V_IMG_0429

Like I said, taekwondo is how we met. This family has been doing it a lot longer than we have. They rank from first degree to third degree black belts. We are so glad to have them training with us and guiding us through the ins and outs of tournaments. ‘Lina has even coached my kids. She is a natural teacher.V_IMG_0644Silviano and Sophia- thank you for the awesome privileged of photographing your family. It was WAY over due. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.