ANNE & FRED | Maternity

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing the Estrada’s maternity session. We met in Elk Grove and began their maternity session on a slightly blustery day.

I have known Mr. Estrada for over nine years. He has been my son’s taekwondo instructor for most of that time. I met the lovely Anne through him and our relationship has grown since they have married and now through their pregnancy.

Home plate.

How appropriate that Mr. Estrada has baby shoes all ready picked out. He is sort of a shoe aficionado.

ANNE_IMG_1802 ANNE_IMG_1923We had passed this sign on the way to do the baseball shots and I had to come back. ANNE_IMG_1927

Mr. Estrada has been reading to his son. I had to smile when it was a collection of Curious George stories that I have also read to my not-baby-babies once upon a time.ANNE_IMG_1999

Beautiful Anne. Inside and out. I have no doubt of the loving mother she will be.

And for the record. I knew they were having a boy.ANNE_IMG_2109_BWWe soon headed to Vic’s Ice Cream Parlor in Sacramento.

As we left the parlor, the sun came out just in time for us to capture this heart shot Anne had wanted.


ANNE_IMG_2291Mr. Estrada is a kid. I mean a kid-at-heart! LOL

I had to laugh because he calls my son GAP. I think we will have to call Fred the Original GAP or maybe GQ. LOLANNE_IMG_2339Lovely Anne glowing…ANNE_IMG_2397Thank you Anne and Fred for allowing me the honor of photographing your maternity session. You both are an adorable couple.

I can’t wait to meet Roman Ray. He is lucky to have you both already loving him so much!



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