I have had the amazing pleasure of photographing Keith and Mai’s engagement, wedding and now their new adventure as parents. This is what I love about what I do. It is this awesome gift of being a part of a couple’s lives during the happiest times. And Mai and Keith are pretty great so when they asked if I’d come back to Portolo Valley, I was giddy!

Meet beautiful Anya.

MAI_IMG_2488 MAI_IMG_2567I love their little paradise. MAI_IMG_2579

Vinnie is being a good protective big brother.

Anya being milk drunk. I love the handmade whale Mai made for her daughter. She is uber talented!MAI_IMG_2613

Family time…MAI_IMG_2695

Resting in Daddy’s hands…mai_IMG_2777MAI_IMG_2857Thank you Mai and Keith. Your family is beautiful. I can’t wait to see you grow in love and memories!