Pigment & Parchment Workshop

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend a watercolor workshop in Sacramento with the awesome Pigment & Parchment lady, Rosaura. My dear friend, Stacey attended with me and we had a blast.

I have dreamed of watercolors forever. There is something about the dreamy state that speaks to me. But let’s face it. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to what we are capable of doing. I was bound and determined to take this class. In recent years, I have actually signed up for something but my inner introvert says, “no way!” Or, I have knee surgery and can’t get myself there. But in recent months, and even the last few very stressful days, I have become very free in my walk. Being 28 (plus 8), I realize that my kids will soon be leaving the nest before I am ready. And if I don’t start practicing having a life and tending to the relationships in my life that I want to maintain, then empty nest is going to kill me.

So Stacey and I headed to Sacramento. We talked about life and our journeys. Stacey is a great woman. We were both just so excited to have some time together to talk and learn.

Rosaura is an amazing artist who just oozes creative goodness. The other ladies and Nathan, Rosaura’s (knowledgeable- in-all-amazing-things) husband, listened to instructions. Then it was time to pick up the brush.

It sat there between my fingers – frozen.

And as Rosaura reminded us that even mistakes are beautiful, I relaxed and just flowed with the color.

We watched as some ladies made awesome work. We played with colors. We laughed.

After, a few of us went on a walk to the Second Saturday Art Hop and then enjoyed a deliciously decadent meal together at 24K.

If you have the jonesing for a creative outlet, take one of the Pigment & Parchment workshops. You will not be sorry. I promise!

Here is just a tiny look into the awesomeness that was had.