What an adventure!

Recently the kids competed at Nationals in San Jose. Here are a few snap shots. I am working on a little video project for them so I shot more film.

They didn’t win but we are so proud of them. They fought hard through a very rough season.

Madison lost her match in the last 20 seconds and to a heel to her forehead. She just could not get the sensors to score although she was throwing everything she had.

Chase won his first match 14-2. He lost in the quarterfinals in OT. He thought he had landed a shot because he heard and saw his team and us cheer. But it didn’t register and the opponent took advantage of the opportunity. It was a hard loss.

But again. We are so incredible proud of these guys.



Their coach, John Lo, of Cutting Edge in Lodi, finished their training for them. He was amazing and they learned so much from him and their friends/teammates in the past couple of months. The kids had a strong foundation to grow upon by their former coach, Fred Estrada and their talented teammate at Sport TKD.NAT_IMG_4362I get a lot of questions about our experience in Taekwondo. I will be writing a blog post about our experience, what to look for in a good school and coach, what to expect, what to ask when looking for a good school as well. It has been something that has been weighing on me to do and as soon as I free up a little time, look forward to that.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!