Wadlow family

What can I say about this clan?

They are amazing!

My dear, sweet friend Jeran and her amazing husband, Dustin, are expecting a new addition to their wonderful family.

Tyler is oh-so-excited!


Jeran was just radiant!WADLOW_IMG_2193 WADLOW_IMG_2196

We made it down to the water on a hot Sunday afternoon.

At first it was just going to be Jeran. But how do you keep a little boy from following. YOU DON’T! Then behind me I hear Dad say, “Well this may never happen again,” and he too joins in the cool, refreshing waters.


WADLOW_IMG_2321 WADLOW_IMG_2366_BWSweet Jeran — Thank you for allowing me to capture your radiance! I cannot wait to meet your sweet babe.