Mike + Tarah


I have known Mike or rather “Goldie” for a “few” years. We first connected with my work at the newspaper as he was a firefighter and often, I was a photographer on scene for fires or car accidents. But he approached me one day about being the photographer for a Pink October firefighter calendar. Of course I said yes! But it also meant me working with an organization that has a special place in my heart as breast cancer has touched my life in so many ways.

And recently, Goldie approached me for another photo shoot that I cannot say no to.

He is getting married to the most wonderful lady, Tarah! The moment I met her, I knew why she was his lucky lady! She is sweet, compassionate and has the greatest laugh.

So we met and discussed their “Save the Date” session. They laughed about how they were doing everything backwards. We discussed their Napa train wedding, so we decided on Old Sac for the session. I tried to contain my excitement we talked about 40s/50s attire.

Can you tell that I love these two?

Here is a look at their session.


They so killed it!

G+T_IMG_0182_BW G+T_IMG_0267 G+T_IMG_0350




So there is a reason I hadn’t called this an engagement session up to now.

Like I said before, they laughed about doing everything backwards. So they needed their “Save the Date” images for their cards. But earlier in the week before the session, Goldie gave me a call.

He decided that he was going to propose to Tarah at the session. I tried to hold my complete giddiness as I was sitting in the church office and it was pretty quiet. But I was smiling like a goober from ear to ear! It was going to be truly be an engagement session.

So I tried to give Goldie his cue.

Now at first, Tarah could not stop talking. She may have said something along the lines of, “This will be good practice for you so when you really propose to me you won’t be nervous,”

  as she continued to fiddle with his tie. And their might have been some sarcasm as Goldie was trying to have a beautiful moment with his bride-to-be.

But oh her expression when she realized, “oh dang!” I love her sassy side!

G+T_IMG_0662Congratulations you both! I love you to the moon and back!