little leaguers

Last Saturday I had a ball. Coach Bratton asked me to photograph his team. After this event, I have decided to make it a part of my work and to offer the big… Continue reading

Just a note

Hey everyone. Just a note that I have also started a photojournalism blog since that is where my love and craft of photography started. So when get a chance, check it out. I’ll… Continue reading

A simple afternoon

Sometimes you just need to play. My family and I hit the back yard. They swung on the swings. She tried to pedal her tricycle. And I pulled out the camera.


WHAT A FACE! This is not a photo to frame and hang on the wall. But it is one of those that you will look back on and say, “I remember when…” I… Continue reading

My Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was great. I got breakfast in bed (scrambled eggs with hot dogs and hot sauce with tortillas), a beautiful mug and colorful platter. The mug said “Being queen is good. Being… Continue reading

Sam I Am

Meet Sam. This blue-eyed is one handsome guy and has personality to boot. We had a blast shooting this session Thursday. He’s sitting up, a rollin’ and has two bottom teeth already.

The heat is on…

It’s warming up in Lodi, and the only — and perhaps the cheapest way — to keep cool for now is in the sprinklers.

Cool Dude

He’s at the age, where that little smirk is all he’ll give you unless you are tickling him and he just has to laugh.

Big Trees Part II

This year we did go to Big Trees. And it poured. And poured. It eventually snowed as we were leaving. And my darling look so cute bundled up.

The Quiet Moments

Sometimes the quiet moments are just too precious.

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